DIY Homemade Deodorant Recipe

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Start by melting ¼ cup of coconut oil and ¼ cup of grated Bees Wax in a double boiler. But when I use just coconut oil and baking soda with some essential oil, I smell fine by the end of the day - I just get really sweaty, more so than I do with this. This deodorant is simple and it works for me. Variations of this recipe are all over the internet, but after a lot of experimentation, this is the blend that I love and use regularly. I did some research and figured out that in order to make sure the deodorant isn't too alkaline, it should be less than 10% baking soda, which means a significantly smaller amount.

I have noticed that since I replaced the cocoa butter for shea butter my skin doesn't break out in a red rash as much but I still have the blocked sweat glands. I've loved this coconut oil-based deodorant and even this DIY stick deodorant But for reducing sweat and handling odors, this vodka and essential oil-based spray deodorant is my favorite DIY yet. You'll need coconut oil , shea butter , baking soda, arrowroot powder , beeswax , and your favorite essential oil. I have substituted cedar essential oil for the tea tree, and it still works great.

I'm sure no one else has ever experienced forgetting deodorant in AM, but I'm here to let you know that after the funk starts, deodorant will not end it. This homemade deodorant, however, totally freshened me up until I was able to do so appropriately!

I can shower and an hour later, I smell.) Anyway, there was no time to undress, wash the pits," dry them off, apply the deodorant, and then re-dress, so I simply lifted up my blouse, held my fingertip in the jar of deodorant long enough to let some melt (sort of) ON my fingertip and proceeded to apply a small amount to each underarm.

I recently started using Aztec clay for a face mask so that was how we had everything on hand easily. No deodorant after shaving: Try to give that underarm skin a little break after you shave and don't slather on a bunch of product. Before commercially made toothpastes were available, people would use baking soda and salt to brush their teeth.

Because I make lotion , toothpaste , and bake muffins/bread, I already owned every single ingredient needed to make a copycat of my favorite natural deodorant. If you use too much, which I've been known to do when I'm trying to cover up my BO and have no time for a shower (true fact) there's def more of a chance of oil getting on my clothes if it's a hot sweaty day. You could also store in the fridge without problem, just warm up a bit before trying to refill your deodorant container. A regular sized tub of coconut oil I bought at the grocery store that I use for my face/pits, plus a bag of arrowroot powder (a little pricey), and a box of baking soda, lasted me easily a year. Schmidt's provided samples of their Schmidt's Natural Deodorant for review purposes. I would love it if you could respond as I am about to make another batch and wanted to try without oil.

Add a few drops to your favorite homemade deodorant without baking soda spray cleaners and spritz the mixture on areas that need particular antibacterial attention, like bathrooms and kitchens. You can try limiting the amount you put in - some people use JUST coconut oil, so with the tea tree, clay and arrowroot, you may get good coverage. Jo- You can buy virgin (unrefined) coconut oil in the natural section of most stores. Do not apply any deodorant on skin until the redness and irritation have ceased.