Outstanding business men whose ventures also extend to Egypt and beyond

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Egypt has always been best-known as a great tourist destination. This is to a certain extent thanks to the rolling, sandy beaches that individuals cannot wait to unwind on after a hectic season at work to the bustling city of Cairo and the landmarks and history that awaits there. Nevertheless, it is also a key spot to explore from a business viewpoint. The investment there is diversifying and the host of possibilities available for a businessperson are steadily increasing. This article will discover the individuals who are moving a thread of their business over to this part of the world.

a person who adores discovering the many discrete strands of business, Ayman Mamdouh Abbas has developed into a notable name within Egypt’s business arena. Despite being the Managing Director of a host of different firms, he has still been able to remain effective in all the things that he does. His interests and company undertakings include the areas from oil services and real estate to private equity and IT. He knew he desired to continue his ventures within Egypt since studying at the American University in Cairo, achieving a degree in Business Administration. Through the years, he has grown within the numerous industries and has assisted in the economic development of Egypt, helping it become a subject of interest for potential investors.

Even with having made his mark on the business community as a result of his natural resources and mining services, Fahad Al Tamimi is a person of various skills. Since beginning his own company, he has explored many separate branches of the industry with the mission to diverse and multiply around the globe. His concentration has forever been engineering based and has always been operating in the Middle East. Nevertheless, over the years he has broadened his corporations and started to function in the likes of Norway and other European states. However, he is nowadays exploring the agricultural sector within Egypt and implementing his services there.

Not only identified as a powerful person in Egypt but also as one of the more influential tycoons in the whole of the Middle East, Ahmed Abou Hashima has proceeded to go from strength to strength. As CEO of a reputable steel giant, an organisation he only founded in 2010, he has driven his young organisation to power and become one of the frontrunners in this particular sector. One of the issues that he most notable for is his motivation to supporting his homeland to grow and thrive, especially after the country had been experiencing a serious crisis due to the decrease of tourism revenues. Part of his attempt to resuscitate Egypt is to sponsor a much talked about advertising campaign that can be observed around New York. As the only sponsor, he desired to develop a campaign that depicted the nation as one of peace and growth, wanting to revive American business.